Thursday, February 11, 2010

ABM*G is now available in a store!

You heard that right! You can now purchase some of my pieces at Brittany Rae Boutique in Rexburg, Idaho! It is such a cute little shop! I am so excited for the opportunity to sell there. I think things will go very well! There are the greatest things there! If you get the chance to go in, DO IT! It is so darling! You can find it at 17 W. Main Street in Rexburg!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cutest Freaking Box!

So my hubby got some chocolate covered pretzels for his birthday and it came in this really cute tin box. When the pretzels were gone, I couldn't get myself to just throw it away. I gave it a makeover! I am SO going to store some of my materials in it! All I did was wrap it in scrapbook paper and hot glue ribbon, rolled felt roses, charms, tulle, and a little crochet flower on it! It looks so good! Take a look!

Monday, February 8, 2010

ABM*G made huge steps this weekend!!

So I just need to take a moment to celebrate my Etsy weekend! I was able to finally take some great pictures of my new pieces and have decided that I am going to add at least 1 piece each day for the next two weeks. Right as the Superbowl was starting, I listed a new amazing veil and promoted it during the game. To my absolute suprise and excitement, it sold by the end of the game!! I was just so excited that I forgot to look where I was going to be sending this veil until this morning. It is going to Australia!! ABM*G is officially INTERNATIONAL!! Celebration!! Look for new pieces each day for the next 2 weeks! Loves!