Sunday, March 28, 2010

Current Workspace

Welcome to my space!
I have always been interested to see what other crafter's work spaces are like. I thought I would share with you what my current workspace is like!
I currently live in a little apartment (for another 2 weeks) in Rexburg, Idaho.
I use 1/2 of our spare bedroom as my workspace
My next space will be in my mother-in-law's basement for 9 weeks.
I am the traveling designer I guess!

I know it isn't much, but one day, I will have more room to decorate my studio as well. I have bunch of University of Utah football pictures all over the room. They were my father-in-law's and when he passed away, I decided to hang them up in this room. I also have a frame with pictures of my hubby. I try to stay as organized as I can in such a small space, but it can be a little challenging at times! I do feel good about the things I produce from this small space though!
P.S. Check out the little black and white damask inspired jar in the center/left of the page. My sweet husband painted that for me in one of his classes. Isn't he so cute?

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